Agora/Niekee (NL)

AGORA / Niekee: due to its recognised experience in terms of innovative educational practices, especially in regard to STEAM education and for its “learning by doing” model which can be very inspirative for other Partners as well as for its practical implementation of the whole-school approach, AGORA has been identified as Applicant of the project. Not only it has expertise in managing EU Projects but due to its pedagogical model it can also support and guide from the educational point of view the Consortium. It will be responsible for Project
Management and Implementation, including definition of a Management Plan, issue and signature of Bilateral Agreements (A2), organisation of virtual (A3) and transnational meetings, financial and administrative coordination, design of a Dissemination Plan and related materials and of an Exploitation and Sustainability Plan. Moreover, it will host the Final Conference together with the Final Transnational Meeting.