Multiplier event European Seminar, 30 March 2022, Greece

The first European event was organized by MIO-ECSDE in Greece at mid-project of the project lifetime.
The event was organised in order to officially launch the Plastic Footprint among schools, VET, universities, researchers, NGOs, in order to share the experience of the footprint development, the involvement of primary schools and the cooperation with the VET school.
Moreover, the event was useful in disseminating the project, its aim and objectives and allocate space for interaction and discussions among the participants in order to engage them on the topic and obtaining qualitative feedback from their side.

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A webinar on STEAM Box

This webinar was held to share tips and tricks on how to apply the STEAM Box at School level in order to miniise plastic use. Many of the recommendations discussed where later used in the Info Days held by countries.

Read more and watch the YouTube video of the webinar.

Multiplier event Info Days

scheduled: 2022-11-01 – 2022-12-31

Info days were organized by Eurodimensions in MT, NEMO in NL, SCOALA 10 in RO, THEMISTOKLIS in EL, EFFEBI in IT in order to officially launch the STEAM BOX, the Labs and to invite other schools to take part to the Final Contest. It was typically structured as a half-day event, aimed at addressing other schools and students at local, regional, national level with the advertising campaign and at showing them the App and its functionalities.
The events were therefore conceived as an info day for students and teachers where they can share their experiences in relation to environmental education and share initiatives specifically targeting plastic usage at school level. In this way was possible to enforce formal and informal cooperation between schools and establish a fruitful alliance on the topic.
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Final Dissemination Conference

scheduled: 2023-04-01 – 2023-04-30

The Final Dissemination Conference was organized by AGORA in NL with the support of NEMO at the end of the project (30-31 March 2023). The aim of this event was to present all results achieved during the project lifetime and to officially announce the winners of the contest’s award.

Subsequently, during the Final event, all Partners had the opportunity to:

  • – present and disseminate Project’s results (Footprint App, the Report on footprint results, the STEAM box, the Recommendations etc.)
  • – present the Contest: its aim, its participants, the judging committee
  • – give space to Contest’s participants to ‘pitch’ their project idea & their team
  • – award best projects -raise awareness on the need to educate pupils and staff at school level in responsibly using, consuming and recycling plastic items

The three member judging panel was composed by experts in the field of education and environment.

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