NEMO Science Museum (NL)

At NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam, everyone –from young to old – discovers how fascinating science and technology are. In collaboration with other knowledge institutes, scientific and technological knowledge is made accessible to a broad audience in a variety of ways. We invite our visitors to discover and explore who they are, and the world around them. To ask questions and to stop and think.

New technology is vitally important if we are to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This requires that a young generation be introduced to technology as early on as possible. NEMO is happy to make that meeting possible by staging activities in which children work together on an idea or a solution. By devising their own solution to a problem and by implementing and testing their design, children are continually expanding their knowledge.

At NEMO, we feel that schools should place more emphasis on science and technology, which will activate kids to learn by using real-life materials in a hands-on setting. Hands-on activities are a key ingredient for engaging and inspiring education. This approach also enables children to discover and further develop their own talents in the field of science and technology. NEMO supports schools throughout the Netherlands by providing educational programmes and teacher training courses.