At the of the Project lifetime, the PLASTEAM Consortium expects to have achieved the following results:


  • Plastic footprint methodology for primary schools
  • Plastic footprint App system architecture
  • Plastic footprint App
  • Teachers’ guidelines and didactical materials on how to use and implement the plastic footprint in class
  • Students’ guidelines on how to use the plastic footprint
  • Internal testing and consultation activity
  • 1 Report on plastic audit


  • Map of primary schools’ challenges
  • Recommendations for school management and teachers to become ‘plastic-free’ schools
  • Recommendations for students to become ‘plastic-free’ schools
  • Contest methodology and tools

O3 – STEAM BOX and Lab

  • STEAM box methodology
  • STEAM box activities and tools
  • Guidelines for teachers for applying the STEAM box in Lab
  • STEAM Labs

Furthermore, the Project will foresee the organization of:
  • 1 EU Conference in EL to officially launch the Plastic footprint, present the results achieved and promote its use
  • 4 ‘Info days’ in MT, RO, EL and NL to officially present the Plastic footprint App, the Recommendations and the STEAM box and invite people to the Final Conference
  • 1 Training event in IT to train also non-formal educators and trainers on how to use the STEAM box
  • Final Dissemination Conference in NL to present the main project’s results and to conclude the Contest with the awarding of the best projects
  • 30 key stakeholders participating in EU Conference
  • 60 key stakeholders participating in Info Days (15/Country)
  • 15 key stakeholders participating in Training event in IT
  • 34 key stakeholders participating in Final Dissemination Conference
  • 5 Transnational Meetings to be hosted by Partners
  • Virtual transnational Meetings (every three months)
  • Management and Quality Plan