Themistoklis Private School (EL)

Our school “Educational Organisation Themistoklis S.A.” is situated in Piraeus, the main port of Greece near Athens.  It is a primary and a secondary private school, which has 650 students and 28 teachers. We have students from other countries with different cultures.

The motto of our school is “Culture – Education – Virtue”.

 In the frame of our work we work on programs about theatre, arts, protection of the environment. Our students’ families are very close to the school and help us in all our projects. They also organise every year a big charity bazaar.

The aim of our organization is to communicate with children, to teach them the moral, to help them to be interested in future searches, to become active citizens. That is why we are interested in sustainable development programs.

Themistoklis educational organisation has 28 teachers in the primary and secondary school. Seven of them are foreign teacher’s language with a lot of experience. Four of them teach English language, two are for French language, and one of them is for German language. Our teachers are involved in many different activities, such as educational, scientific, cultural, environmental, and social actions. In 2010 our school has been honoured with the “The green action award” by   Education and Religion Ministry of Greece for our participation in a recycling programme. In the same year, we participated and awarded in the 2nd   Student’s PanHellenic competition with “i-School Life”. Furthermore, our school excelled in School LAB educational program (Giving life to your ideas). Every year we are participating in Kangaroo examination. This year, we organize programs to enhance our work, about “Racism Difference”, ”Smart and Art Recycling” ,“Sea Pollution” and “Protect forests”. We organize various creative activities with the children in order to get acquainted with the major city problems and find ways not only to manage it but to cooperate with the local authorities and as a result to become active citizens. Especially our region, which has been an industrial area for many years, is now under reconstruction. We try to adopt the UNEP motto “Think globally, act locally”.

Active involvement in Erasmus project will sweep teachers, parents, students, organisations in a European value.

Our teachers have positive attitudes toward these projects, become   continuous trained and informed through meetings, seminars and conferences. Scientific training, hard work and poise are consistency helpful for a child to develop intellectually. Some of the teachers has cooperated with European schools and commute ideas and opinions. This will help us a lot in our project.  The students will have the chance to use innovations and IC technologies in education through knowledge of folk traditions and environmental education. Also, they will have equal access to education and training and they will improve the quality of education. It will be very beneficial for our students who are at an age which is very important in their emotional, psychological, mental and physical development.

Working on PLASTEAM

Eirini Mani –  Head of European and International Projects

Iliana Natsou – Art Teacher

Celia Chalioti – Primary School Teacher