The Big Problem With Plastic

Consumer Reports (CR) reveals where most of the plastic you throw away really ends up and explains what to do to limit its environmental harm.

The aricle is USA-focused, but much of its content relates to the plastic insustries, recycling myths and consumer behaviour in general that is why it is relevant to many European countries.

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Plastic waste and recycling in the EU: facts and figures

Plastic production has grown exponentially in just a few decades and so did the amount of plastic waste. The EU is already taking measures to reduce plastic waste, but what happens to the waste that is generated despite all efforts? And how can recycling rates be increased? Sadly, less than a third of plastic waste in Europe is recycled.

Find out more facts and figures on plastic waste and its recycling in the EU in this infographic of the European Parliament. Read more.

EU bans Single Use Pastics (SUPs) from 2021

In 2019 the EU approved a pioneer legislation to curb Single-Use-Plastics (SUPs) that enters to force from 2021.
The so called “SUP Directive” establishes different measures for different SUP products, including bans, market restrictions, labelling & design improvements, awareness raising and Extended Producer Responsibility schemes.
Read more on the EU Directive and a distilled Overview Guide (update 2021) on it.