Multiplier event & winner announcement, Greece

On 18 January 2023 the Multiplier event was organised by Themisoklis School, Greece. The event was attended by more than 100 participants, including students, teachers and their families. After presenting the project, and some of its Key outputs, including the STEAM-Box, the 6 nominations’ for the video contest were presented and the winner was announced.

Congratulations to the winning team of 6th grade from Themistoklis that will take part in the final contest in Holland.

View video with shots from the event.

Info Day of PLASTEAM in Italy

On 24/11/2022, EFFEBI Association hosted a training event presenting the main project outcomes and deliverables: the PLASTEAM App; the Recommendations for teachers & students to make their school “plastic-free”; the Contest, and the STEAM-Box, a virtual box with didactical activities about plastics.

The event was addressed to teachers and trainers, aiming to inform them of the project’s tools and to share tips on how to implement these in their everyday school life. The participants had the chance to try themselves one of the STEAM-Box activities (the Rs of Sustainability), through which students can familiarize with the various Rs approach and reflect on how they can contribute to tackle plastic pollution.

During the event, the teachers walked the shoes of their students and shared thoughts on the relevancy of the project and urgency of such activities, so to make pupils agents of change already at a very young age.

A webinar on STEAM-Box

On September 27th, within the 4th transnational meeting of PLASTEAM, a 90 min webinar was held, aiming to inform interested educators on how to use the STEAM-Box educational material. The webinar was attended by 33 participants joining from the partner schools and beyond. It was recorded so that it can be used in the future.  

Watch the VIDEO 
Find STEAM-Box material in many languages: ENGLISH, ROMANIAN, DUTCH, GREEK,  ITALIAN.
Download the PPT that outlines the material, activity by activity.

STEAM-Box educational material available in many languages

Following the co-decided methodology, the STEAM-Box educational material is out. The material that includes 14 activities is envisaged to support schools in their effort to minimise their plastic use and resulting wastes.

Download the PPT/PDF that outlines the material, activity by activity.
Find the methodology behind its development