O1-A1 Survey on Students

This document presents the statistics analysis of a survey, answered by 545 students from the five 5 project countries that run from 11/03/2021 to 12/05/2021. The survey aimed to explore aspects related to students’ behaviour regarding plastic use, also to their mentality in this aspect.
Their answers varied, but offered an overview about: i) what type of Single Use Plastics (SUPs) are mostly used, ii) in what ways, iii) to what extent students use, reuse or recycle plastic items and iv) what motivates them to reduce plastic use.
All data collected and the results that are presented will feed in the development of the Plastic Footprint and other PLASTEAM outcomes.

Download the Survey.

O1-A1 Booklet of good practices

One of the first results of PLASTEAM is this Booklet of good practices. The aim of this booklet is to collect virtuous experiences at EU and International level regarding plastic footprints. Each partner documented one or two good practices, focusing on various types of existing Plastic Footprint APPs and their methodology. The collection of good practices is based on a qualitative internet research. In total, the Booklet includes 11 good practices. In this respect the consortium is directly involving key players of plastic-free education and movement into the project, in line with the ‘whole school’ approach.

Download the Booklet.